Celebration of Life
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Recognition Book for Dr. Frank Lambert, Cynthia's  1977-78 Organic Chemistry class at Occidental College.  Dr. Lambert shared this with me in 2010 when Dr. Morrison died.

Cynthia raising tequila to the level it deserves

50 reasons why we love Cynthia

For our friendship
For her ready, healthy, hearty laugh
For her fine appreciation of propulsion systems of all sorts
For her making awesome stuffed jalapeños
For her encouragement

For our North Woods dates
For her always having a book in hand
For her ability and willingness to listen
For her marveling at an on-coming lightning storm while basking in the outdoor pool
For her being a fellow animal lover
For her computer savvy
For her mastery of the mixed drinks craft

For her doggie treadmill sessions
For her wisdom
For her being my sister
For her great smile
For her enjoyment of a "diligent selection of cheese"

For her knowing a shimmie from a shake from a rattle from a full-blown resonant modality
For her intelligence
For her taste in cars
For her lavishing us with "somewhat of an experiment"
For her love of horses
For her loyalty
For her expertise in gemstones and jewelry
For her being BaBa

For her being a tequila connoisseur
For her motto:  "I don't shop. I buy."
For her being the best woman aerospace “super-smarts” on the base
For her being a stealthy party animal
For her deep spiritual vision
For her generosity
For her pioneering the use of the Forman grill for tofu
For her knowing the difference between a donkey, a burro, a mule, and a jackass

For her being an Infidel
For her qualifying to be a “Dee Aye Arrrr”
For her kicky sense of humor
For her North Carolina connection
For her getting the first prayerworld website online

For her cookie exchange
For her empathy
For her being my Aunt
For her artistic expression
For her delicious appreciation of the “Stinking Rose”
For her thoughtfulness
For her gentle and always respectful frankness

For her courage
For her trustworthiness
For her having the most expressive, beautiful face we ever did see
For her knowing what to do with all those datapoints
For her grounded insight
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