Celebration of Life
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Celebration of Life

Here is Cynthia's Celebration of Life Gathering
May 16th, 2009

Celebration of Life Audio Clips
Musical Prelude - The Chain (Teresa James)

Welcome - Jessica Fish

Musical Inspiration - Trust Love  (Teresa James)

Sacred Reading - Tao Te Ching (Senator Sipes)

Sacred Reading - Jitterbug Perfume (Kim Sobieck)

Musical Inspiration - You Learn (Teresa James)

Sharing Memories - Lorenz Fish

Sharing Memories - Kat Rohr (Victoria Thomas)

Sharing Memories - Diane Cherbak

Sharing Memories - David Borden (Diane Cherbak)

Sharing Memories - Kim Sobieck

Sharing Memories - David Giannandrea

Sharing Memories - Leyda Cuzzo

Sharing Memories - Shawn Colfer

Celebration of Life Eulogy - Rev. CoCo Stewart

Musical Inspiration - Alegria (Teresa James)

Blessing - Jessica Fish

Musical Postlude - It's Easier Said Than Done (Teresa James)

Musical Postlude - All Is Well
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